Chicago Toy Soldier Show

Chicago Toy Soldier Show 2015

Welcome to 2015, the Chicago Toy Soldier Show is looking forward to the 35th show on September 27, 2015. Looking back over the years, we realize that the event has spanned thirty-four years in two centuries, covered over 10,000 vendor tables with toy soldiers, hosted over 35,000 hotel room nights of fun, and admitted more than 25,000 collectors as well as many of their children for the Sunday Show.

From our first show in 1981 with 70 tables to our 2014 show with 350 plus tables, we have had only one show that was not completely sold out, and that was the first show. Our foreign vendors and collectors have increased from a Brit and a couple of Canadians to a contingent that hails from every continent except Antarctica. The hair on our heads has gone from thick and dark to thin and gray, but we have never lost thrill of hosting the oldest and largest toy soldier show in the world.

As we begin our 35th year, we find a certain pride in reviewing the facts. We also have never forgotten the people who really make the show go, the Sunday vendors. The collectors and dealers who man those tables on Sunday allow us to invite you all to the show as early as the Monday before. It allows the hotel to plan ahead and let us use every inch of space they have available for the Sunday show. There are several other toy soldier shows in the world and we hope you have visited some or many of them. We have. But, we never forget the old saying: "There's no place like home". See you at home, the Hyatt Regency Woodfield, Schaumburg, IL, for the 35th Chicago Toy Soldier Show on September 27, 2015. Make your plans soon.